Optimize Customer Interactions To Improve Costs, Churn and Satisfaction

Analyze & transcribe 100% of your recordings for Agent QA

CustomerView unlocks the important data within your contact center calls, chat, social media and other customer touch points to improve business performance and boost customer satisfaction.

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quality scorecards


script compliance


100% NPS data


top agent performance

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CustomerView allows you to measure every touchpoint along the customer interaction journey using an easy to navigate interface, and provides you with the tools to create alerts, triggers and filters to pinpoint problem areas in your business and provide you with the appropriate knowledge to remedy issues.

Brought to you by VoiceBase & CR-X

CustomerView is powered by big data ingestion and visualization experts CR-X and VoiceBase’s speech analytics API platform to deliver omni-channel customer analytics to the enterprise. CustomerView utilizes VoiceBase’s deep learning neural network speech engine and CR-X’s NLP algorithms to surface actionable insights from customer interactions. This data is then transformed in real-time, into visualizations that are easily interpreted and filtered to find the answers every department is looking for.